Easter Contemplation

Here I sit in my daughter’s extra bedroom. It’s beautiful: gold pillows on the bed, soothing dark blue walls, and the windows frames a picturesque, just blooming magnolia tree outside. She lives in a town home community where all the homes mimic the streets of Mayberry. We’ll take a walk later since the sun is finally shining. I believe it snowed back in Nebraska. April fools from Mother Nature.

I wish her cat was laying on the bed beside me. It’s a monstrously large long-haired black feline with immense attitude. But, she is her own woman and caters to no one. All the same, I’m listening to my playlist and taking a little personal time while the kids do up the dishes after the breakfast we made.

Yesterday we went to Italian markets on The Hill here in St. Louis. The imported meats and cheeses, wines, olive oils… it made this food loving chef-wannabe’s heart sing. It didn’t take long to fill my cart. We’ll be making Italian tonight: a nice red sauce and pasta, big Italian sausage meatballs, fresh mushrooms, artichokes, roasted red pepper, and San Marzano tomatoes. There will be wine. It will be yummo and fun.

I’m reflecting on how much we’ve managed to cram into two and a half days. Much of our discoveries have been food related as St. Louis has so much to offer. Friday night we ended the day with Nitro Ice Cream which is always a hoot to watch them make and by golly, it’s just darn delicious. Saturday, we went to a St. Louis institution called Crown Candy Kitchen. It’s an old-fashioned, 4th generation soda shop. I had a strawberry ice cream soda and must say, I prefer this to a malt or shake. My husband couldn’t resist ordering the 1 pound of bacon BLT. We each had a quarter of it and none of us had a heart attack, so that was good. Then there was the brunch with the Bloody Mary and mimosa bar. What could be bad about that, am I right? Oh, and of course we had to do an escape room because my daughter is determined to conquer all of them. We escaped with 10 minutes to spare. I personally had very little to do with this victory but lent support and praise to those with puzzle-solving brains.

Easter Sunday has risen as surely as the son of God we celebrate on this day. It’s been a joy to listen to the banter of our grown children. And now, I’m off to do a 1,000-piece crossword puzzle with the kids. Steve is fixing something for Emily, as he usually does. We’re all lucky to have him; to have each other. It’s good to see one’s children grown and doing well on their own. The reward of having children is to see them living independent and happy lives. Steve and I just keep looking at each other and smiling. We may have high fived a couple of times. We raise children so they can leave. Their leaving assures the survival of, well… society, I suppose. Maybe it’s analogous of what God was doing with his son. He had to leave for the rest of us to survive. And that’s enough contemplation for one day.




3 thoughts on “Easter Contemplation”

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a great time with your family. Those moments become all the more precious the older we get. Happy Easter to you.


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