About Me

It’s been four years since I’ve published a book. My picture tells the story. Older and wiser and grayer, too. Still full of curiosity, though, and happy to say, I’ll be publishing a new book soon.

I began writing seriously with the intent to publish in 2009. Then I published my 1st book, Casting Stones in January 2012. August 2012 saw my 2nd book, Recipes for Revenge. My 3rd book, Dead Blow, came on in February 2013. In February of 2014, I published my 4th book, Thorns of Rosewood. Then in June of 2014 I published my 5th book, Build a Writing Team, then in September of 2014 I put out my 6th book, Moments of Clarity. On to 2015 in July, I published my 7th book, Flames of Rosewood. In October of 2016, I finished the Rosewood series and published my 8th book, Bad Blood of Rosewood. Finally, in 2017 I published a novella, my 9th book, titled The Man with a Green Scarf. Whew. That’s nine books in five years. I needed a break! I’ve written quite a bit in the last four years; everything from a romance novel to family history, to short essays. I’ve even done some freelance work. But no books I felt were worthy of publishing evolved. Then recently, a subject jumped out at me and I felt that old feeling of not being able to stay away from the keyboard. I had to write and research the next book.

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