“The book, Czech & Slavic Epic History, is Nebraska author Gina Barlean’s research journey into her ancestral history. Her journey was guided by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha’s masterpiece of twenty room-sized paintings titled, The Slav Epic. Mucha told the story of Slavic history through his paintings. Barlean’s book describes the meaning behind each of the twenty paintings, adding additional history and timelines for the reader. Her research journey is yours to read, and her hope is that it will spur you to learn more about each of the points in history she introduces. Give yourself the gift of education and understand the history of your ancestors. Your Czech and Slavic ancestor’s journey through time truly was Epic.”

What you just read is what writer call, a blurb. It’s a short description about the book, and it can be found on the book’s back cover, on an online book description page, or in a news article. The blurb, generally written in third person, should give the reader a solid idea of what the book will be about and an indication of the author’s writing style.

I published my book five days ago and since then, I’ve been working on tweaking the uploads to Amazon to make sure they’re just right. I’ve also been working on a press release which I hope a couple newspapers will run, and I’ve also ordered print copies of the book and visited with a few places about speaking engagements. I’ve also had some sales on Amazon and many nice comments from those who follow me on Facebook.

1635370554The first batch of print books I’ve ordered should be here on November 10th so if you’ve hoped to purchase one from me directly, let me know and we will arrange it. After I get the books on the 10th, I will donate one copy to the Hruska Memorial Library and will have a few books available for sale at Chapter Books in Seward. The Czech and Slovak Cultural and Education Center in Omaha has also offered to sell the book in their gift shop.

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Oh, and here’s a cute little video for you. You have a coffee table, right?