Loss Leader

A few years ago a person at a gathering I attended laughed at me for having a free promotion of one of my books. "Can't get anyone to buy it, huh?" Actually, I've heard many people over the years poke fun at free or inexpensive ebooks, but many businesses use the concept of loss leaders… Continue reading Loss Leader


My New Book

A charming rural community in Nebraska. The town's historic flavor is threatened. Allison, young, but passionate about her town and job at the tourism office, plans to fight the potential loss of her town's charming brick streets. She'll dig up far more than just some bricks as the story unfolds. Allison will be far less innocent at the story's end, and it won't be a walk in the park... but she'll be the wiser for it, and thanks to her and others who care about their community, the town will be better for her bravery.