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Presenting the Epic

The library in David City was kind enough to invite me to speak about my recently published book, Czech & Slavic Epic History. I created a slideshow and practiced to ensure it would be a well-done presentation. Lunch was to be provided and a friend even offered to bring kolace as dessert.

Then Covid came calling along with bronchitis and the director of the library and I decided to cancel the speaking engagement. My voice is raspy and I can’t talk for long without coughing.

Me if I would have tried to do my presentation. Very unpleasant.

But all the hard work and preparation isn’t for naught. I’ve decided that each day on my Czech & Slavic Epic History FaceBook page, I will post one slide of my presentation along with the information I had planned to discuss.

The first post on my C&S FB page is always about how to purchase my book, but the 2nd post for the next 35 days or so will be the slides from my presentation. I hope you’ll Czech it out. And as always, I hope you’ll consider buying the book if you’re interested in reading more about the history of Slavic people through the eyes of Alphonse Mucha, the famous Czech artist.