A Facebook Page for Czech & Slavic Epic History

I’ve created a Facebook page dedicated to my newest book, Czech & Slavic Epic History. The goal is to keep my regular FB page more focused on family, friends, and regular life, and for the book page to be only about Czech and Slavic information related to the book.

Hopefully, I’ll also have some other books I’ll be adding which will also be about Czech & Slavic people, history, and culture (as my research and time allows.)

We’ll see how much participation I get on the FB page for the book.

So, if you’re interested in learning new things or more about what is in my book, please go to this link and when you get to the Czech & Slavic Epic History FB page, click the follow button. https://www.facebook.com/GMBarlean/?show_switched_tooltip=0&show_podcast_settings=0&show_community_transition=0&show_community_review_changes=0

The posts I make to my page will show up in your FB newsfeed. You can read them if you have time. There’s so much interesting content that I suspect you’ll surely find something to keep you entertained for a moment or two.

The other thing new is an option on this website under the Books tab for you to order a signed copy of Czech & Slavic Epic History in Paperback. I will sign it, then personally mail you the signed copy after you pay me directly from Paypal. Of course, if you aren’t comfortable doing that, I’m fine with doing things the old-school way. Email me at ginabarlean@gmail.com and we’ll work it out some other way that works for you.