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AVAILABLE NOW! Czech & Slavic Epic History

Today marks the 103rd anniversary of the declaration of Czechoslovakian independence from Austria-Hungary’s rule. That day saw crowds swarm St. Wenceslaus Square in Prague, eager to gain control of their own destinies.

This is the day I’ve chosen to release my new non-fiction book, Czech & Slavic Epic History. (Click the picture of the book or the title to go directly to the page to purchase the book.) This book introduces the reader to the Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha and his masterwork, The Slav Epic. The book goes through these twenty epic-sized paintings which depict the history of the Slavic people from Mucha’s point of view. Each painting gives a glimpse into moments in history Mucha believed changed the trajectory of Slavic people.

Mucha’s paintings tell us much, but in this book, I also created history timelines for the world as well as the country now called the Czech Republic as they apply to the book. What a learning journey I’ve been on! I continue to read more about the Czech Republic, Slavic nations, and the history of Europe. It is from where our Czech, Bohemian, or Moravian ancestors come. It is also fascinating reading for anyone who loves history.

To be honest, I wrote this book for myself. (I knew this was the only way I could remember all the details!) But after collecting so much information and putting it into book form, it seemed silly not to share it with others. If you are of Czech or other Slavic descent or are married to someone who is, or have a relative or friend with Czech or Slavic roots, this may be the perfect gift.

This would make a nice coffee table book. It is approximately 8 ½ x 11 inches in size. The cover shows one of Alphonse Mucha’s paintings from The Slav Epic. The interior has full-color examples of Mucha’s work as well as other pictures which accent the topics discussed in the history covered: from the beginning of what is known about Slavic people in 600 CE to the current day. This book is best read in print as the pictures are as important as the text. The book is 130 pages, available in paperback ($18), hardcover ($28.75), and as an eBook ($2.99). Print will be the best way to read or own this book, but if only reading the information is your goal, the eBook is fine and will also give you all the links I’ve included in the bibliography at the end.

I have published this book independently through my publishing imprint, Less Traveled Roads Publishing. The book was professionally edited by Anna Weir Edits. I was fortunate to have contributions and review reading done by Dan Sanley who established The Nebraska Bohemians Facebook group. This book is available on Amazon worldwide.

At this moment the book is only available on Amazon, but I have ordered fifty paperback copies and should have them in two weeks. I’ll announce it here and on Facebook when the paperbacks are in. I hope to review the hardcover book soon and at that time I will order copies of that as well. It is my hope to find retail stores interested in selling this book. If you know of a vendor who you think would be a good fit to sell this book, please let them know about it and encourage them to contact me. Also, if you would like me to do a book signing or presentation at your local library, please visit with your librarian and encourage them to contact me via email: If a library asks me to speak, I will donate a paperback to the library.

I will greatly appreciate any readers who leave positive reviews on the book’s page on Amazon: