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The process continues!

I’ve chosen a different cover style. I like this one quite a bit as it is one of my favorite in the Slav Epic, a series of twenty paintings made in the early twentieth century by the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha.

I wanted to understand the meaning of the paintings and ended up researching the history of Slavic people, specifically, the Czech people. I decided to share my research in this book.

Over the last month I’ve been working with my contributor, Dan Sanley, the founder of the Facebook group, Nebraska Bohemians. I’ve also sent my work to a professional editor: Anna Weir Edits. The edits came back this week.

The last part of the week I spent formatting the manuscript, then uploading it to the publishing platform and reviewing until I think I got it just right.

Now I have ordered two proofs, one in paperback and one in hardcover. Now I’ll eagerly await the proofs to see if they print properly and look exactly how I want them.

Unless there are issues that need to be addressed, this book should be available within the next two weeks.