A Rosy Deal

I’ve always been fortunate to have friends who kind of, “keep and eye on me,” so to speak. They watch out for me—like, grab me and pull me to the side of the street so a bus doesn’t hit me, or come find me when I wander off, or repeat the joke that everyone’s laughing about, but I didn’t hear because I hadn’t been paying attention. I’m kind of in my own world, I guess. In that vein, my friends recently convinced me that having a newsletter and a mailing list to send these newsletters too, is something I truly MUST have. I’ve known for a while that this is medicine I should be taking, but honestly, I just didn’t know how to make it happen. So, thank you, friends, for showing me how to instigate people to sign up for my mailing list, then how to create a newsletter which automatically goes to said list.

Thorns-FINALI sent out my first newsletter today. Truthfully, I consider it more of a news blurb than a letter. It’s just a little paragraph about a rosy deal I have going as of tomorrow, May 8th. You can see this newsletter here: Gina’s Newsletter. I hope you’ll look at it because it tells you that TOMORROW, on MAY 8, my book, Thorns of Rosewood, will be free on Amazon. Tell your friends and family. If you haven’t read Thorns, you absolutely should. It’s a clever cozy mystery set in a small town. I have 453 reviews on this book. A lot of people have read it and enjoyed it very much, and I think you will too.

You also should sign up for my newsletter, which is more of a little news blurb. Those who sign up for my mailing list will be the first to get updates about any book deals, sneak peaks into what I’m writing, or news about when new books are coming out. Here’s the link that will lead you to where you can sign up for my mailing list: Mailing List  (You’ll get another free e-book, my book, Dead Blow, if you sign up.)

So, tomorrow… get Thorns for free or tell your friends who haven’t yet read it. And I hope that soon, you will sign up for my mailing list. Oh, and if you see me just wandering off… come find me! It’s a good bet I have no idea where I’m going or how to get back to where I started.


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