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Sign Up for a Free Book!

I’m doing my best to stay current with marketing trends although it doesn’t come naturally. Truth is, I’d rather be writing than promoting! Yet, promoting my written books is part of being a published author.

Luckily, I have a very smart and talented friend who happens to be a publishing and marketing guru. Victorine Lieske recently helped me set up links to create a mailing list. Thank you, Vicki!

A mailing list allows an author to send special messages to those who sign up. My mailing list will automatically give those who sign up a free book. They’ll also receive special notices about other promotions I provide, or early notices about when a I publish a new book.

I’m not calling this a newsletter because it will more of a news blurb—bits of quick information. My news blurb won’t come out weekly or even monthly; only when I have news. It might look like this:

COVER“Hey. Just wanted to let you know my book, Build a Writing Team, is now free. Just click this link: Build a Writing Team and join over 300 other people who have already snagged this deal. This is a book about networking, specifically aimed at writers, but anyone in business or those who do writing for business will glean good tips. Get out there and network! Learn how, with this free book!”

I sincerely hope you’ll sign up for my news blurbs. (And you can always unsubscribe if you decide you just can’t take one more email in your inbox.)

How do you sign up? Easy. Go to the home page right here on my website and follow the final coverlink. (or just click the word, link, in the previous sentence.) Clicking that link will take you through a series of links and eventually, you’ll be able to download a free book! That’s right! For signing up for my news blurb, you’ll get my suspense novel, Dead Blow, free! (normally, $1.99 on Amazon.)


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