Radio Mention of NWG Members

Below is a video from Nebraska’s NET Friday Live radio broadcast. At around 18 minutes into this video, Cort Fernald, board member of The Nebraska Writers Guild, talks about the anthology The Guild published in 2017 titled, Voices From the Plains. It’s a collection of work from Guild members, of which, I am one. Cort was kind enough to mention my name—such a nice surprise.

Nebraska has many famous authors, and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself in their ranks, but this program demonstrates the benefit of belonging to an organization such as the Nebraska Writers Guild, who gives broad support to their members. I’d love to be an Alex Kava or a Tosca Lee someday and have been thrilled to meet and visit with them and others, but in the mean time, I’m excited as I can be to have a mention on Nebraska Entertainment Television’s Friday Live program, and I’ll remain a proud member of the NWG (thanks Willa Cather, Bess Streeter Aldrich, Mari Sandoz and others for creating this organization back in the 20s. It is alive and well and still providing support to those of us with writing aspirations.)

If you’re a writer and looking for a way to meet other like-minded individuals, consider joining the Guild or attending the spring conference. It’s a great way to learn about writing and meet people in the writing industry, and you might just be mentioned some day of public radio!


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