Recently, I came across something called Tapping. Ever hear of it? The concept is to tap on key points of your body in a specific sequence. Before you tap, you say what ails you—I have a head ache, or a back ache, or stress about a meeting, or I’m upset about someone’s behavior, etc., and express acceptance of yourself. It goes like this:

“Although I have this pain in my back, I deeply and completely, accept myself.” 

Then you start tapping… around your eyes, under your nose, under your chin, below your collar-bone, under your arm, and ending by tapping on top of your head. See this website to learn how to do it. https://www.thetappingsolution.com/

Some would consider tapping to be left-field, fairy-dust, silliness. If you’re of this frame of mind, maybe you read the website about tapping, then rolled your eyes so hard it made a noise and your wife turned to you and said, “Did you say something?”

But, if you’re a metaphysical, incense-burning, chakra-aligned type of person who enjoys a good session of yoga and meditation, then maybe you’ve heard of tapping, already use it, or are willing to say, “Hey. Why not?” It could be said, it falls into line with other holistic avenues of health care such as acupuncture, cupping, visualization, hypnosis or chiropractic care.

There are many things we simply don’t understand about our minds and bodies and the control we have over them. What’s normal for my little part of the globe, would be strange for a person on the other side of this big spinning planet. Who am I to discount the flow of my meridians?

So, tapping—bringing worries to the surface, stating acceptance, then tapping on yourself for three or four minutes in hopes of alleviation of physical or psychological pain. Or, we can do what we’re used to doing here in my part of the word: pop some ibuprofen, repress our concerns, watch TV, and order a pizza.

You’re an adult and if it works for you, why not do this? A lot of what people do in this world is based on faith in things we cannot prove or disprove. But that’s my opinion. I write this article in search of your opinion. Would you try it? Have you heard of it? Do you do this? What say you about this topic?

(I will note that I tapped, off and on, one day. The next morning, I woke with swelling around both eyes. The swelling could have been related to something entirely different, or possibly, I had tapped too hard or too much. I’m not sure the tapping helped the pain I had been hoping to overcome, as I ended up being more focused on worry about the swelling of my eyes. The swelling went away within a few hours. I do plan to try tapping again… albeit less vigorously.)


8 thoughts on “WHAT SAY YOU?”

  1. I hoped you would weigh in. Here’s my big concern: Adults, do whatever you want… but what happens when people have their kids do this in lieu of treatment for pain or disease?


  2. I recently read an article about a teacher who uses it in his elementary classroom and feels like he’s gotten great results from it. I’d have to do more reading to decide if it is for me.

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  3. Haha. Well, yes. I am interested in trying it again to see if I have swelling again! I guess it’s a diversion tactic, huh?


  4. I consider it one more thing to try to do to improve myself, which adds into the belief that there’s something wrong. When I are worried, I change the environment, pick up a book, go cry and then have a drink, whatever….but it’s a matter of addressing the fact I am worried then alter the situation to distract that self-destructive thinking. For some, maybe it’s tapping. For me, it’s telling my self to get over it and go do something else. (And my eyes are old enough looking without me messing with them! LOL)


  5. Definitely not something I’m likely to try, but as you say, if it works for someone, I say go for it. It certainly can’t hurt. Or can it?… (Your last paragraph made me chuckle. Something tells me the fine tissue around our eyes would be best left untapped. 😁)

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