A Short Story Contest

I believe competition is healthy, so I’ve hosted a couple of story contests this past year. I like giving writers an opportunity to stretch their writing muscles in a local competition.  All the better if there’s money involved. Who doesn’t want a little extra cash in their pockets and some bragging rights, to boot.

I have a website called Indie Book Trailers & More, where I host these short story contests. This link will take you to the site, and give you information about how to enter your story. CLICK THIS LINK  What you’ll find out, if you follow the link, is that submissions are now open for short stories (no longer than 3,000 words) in any genre, and about any topic. I’m taking up to fifteen entries and the submission fee is $10 per entry.

unnamed (1)

The Winter contest sponsor is Prairie Land Press, owned by Nancy Sharp Wagner. She has contributed $50 to the prize. There is only one winner, and the cash prize is the total of all entry fees plus the sponsor’s contribution. Therefore, if there are fifteen entries, then the prize will be $200. If there are only five entries, the prize will be $100.

I won’t personally participate in the judging of this competition, but will seek out four or five individuals who work in the field of writing. They will work independently of each other to read the entries. I’ll send these judges (yet to be selected) the stories sans the author’s names. The names of those who enter the competition won’t be listed until after judging.

When the winner is selected, he/she will be contacted and sent the prize money via Paypal. Then, I’ll announce the winner on the Indie Book Trailers & More website, and post a link to a PDF of the winning story. I’ll leave the story on the website for a month or more, giving the winner ample time to promote their win, and tell their readers where to go to read the story.

So, look through your work to see if you have something you’d like to enter, or send a link of this blog post to a writer you know who might be interested in entering one of their short stories. I looking forward to fifteen wonderful entries by talented authors from anywhere in the United States.

Many, many thanks to Prairie Land Press for sponsoring this competition. Nancy has wonderful books and resources for teachers on her website. She and I are proud to support and promote Nebraska authors!


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