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Guild Networking Works

Pictured is Nebraska author, Faith Colburn, from North Platte. She’s holding her book, Threshold, a Memoir, one of several books she’s published. Faith spoke on Sunday, June 25th, at The Red Path Gallery & Tasting Room in Seward, Nebraska, and gave a wonderful presentation.

Networking works. I cannot stress this enough. You’re a writer. You’re an introvert. Nobody gets that as well as I do. But when you go out and mingle amongst other writers, you will grow in your knowledge of writing, in your knowledge of marketing, in who you know, and who knows you! Today’s event at Red Path was a wonderful example.

Faith and I know each other through The Nebraska Writers Guild. She is one of so many writers I’ve met in the Guild, who I respect for their quality of writing, their work ethic, their support of other authors, their willingness to better themselves, and their willingness to get involved in the work of the Guild. Faith is currently a board member of The Guild, and she’s also the Winner of the About a Nebraska Town writing competition I sponsored last spring. She’s smart and high energy and I’m here to tell you… if you’re looking for a wonderful speaker for your library, club, event, or anything where you want to hear a wonderful story about Nebraska people from a Nebraska author… you should absolutely consider reaching out to her. Prairie Wind Press.

The owner of Red Path Gallery & Tasting Room, Jeanne Wiemer, also a member of the Nebraska Writers Guild, graciously provides a wonderful room in her lovely business in Seward so we can promote Guild members who speak on the third Sunday of each month throughout 2017. The art is always fresh and changing and the wine is excellent… I recommend the De Chaunac. I provide cookies, those who attend the free events, titled Sundays at Red Path with NWG Authors, can purchase a glass of wine and enjoy this free event, an hour with a Nebraska author.

I’d like to see more people attending because it’s always a wonderful experience. There are generally several NWG authors in the audience there to support the Guild, and they almost always bring a friend or relative. This time, Nebraska author Margie Lukas brought her daughter, an artist, who networked with Red Path to create a showing of her work there at the Gallery. Another Guild author, Dee Schmid has attended the last two events. At the previous event, Guild author and past president, Hugh Reilly spoke about the trips he guides through Ireland. Dee and I plan to go next year. (We’ll even take our husbands!) We certainly wouldn’t be doing that if we hadn’t been at the event… or met in the Guild! And this morning we have a new member of the Guild. Her name is Vickie, and she was in attendance at the event at Red Path yesterday. I hope to see her in the fall at the next Guild conference. She already knows five members of the Guild.

Oh, and we all learned something about marketing, research, blogging, and each other. Faith talked about Sell Sheets and Scream Teams. Dee, during discussion, talked about asking librarians to do reviews. I always learn little things from other writers.

So, when you see opportunities such as Sundays at Red Path with NWG Authors, or 6 Corner Events, or if you hear about authors speaking at a library near you… go. You have no idea what connections you may make because of it. Oh, and keep your eye on Faith Colburn. She has a new book coming out this fall titled The Reluctant Canary. She read some scenes from the book and this is surely a story that will give you a wonderful glimpse into the dirty thirties and the big band scene of the day, as well as hard-scrabble life for those trying to make it and what they had to do to survive.


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  1. Networking is definitely the way to go, no matter what our professional field. If only it wasn’t so difficult for some of us. But after my second book came out, I did more of it. After my third one comes out, I’ll do even more. Of course, I’m talking about in-person networking. It’s much easier to do so online.

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