Feng Shui—Fresh Face

This is a year of changes for me. Little changes, but still, I’m moving around the furniture in my life. Do you do that? Rearrange furniture? Yes? No? It’s an absolute necessity for me. Something deep inside me is always searching for Feng Shui, or a fresh face, something new, different… something other.

I used to think it was because I got bored, but I do believe it’s more to do with trying to get things right and find the appropriate spot for everything from furniture to clothes to websites, jobs, hobbies, and activities. Life changes. What’s right for one time in your life isn’t necessarily right for other times. Play groups with parents and toddlers makes no sense for me at age 54, but at twenty-eight, I spent a lot of time in groups of that sort.

So, what’s changing for me? My weight, for one thing. I’ve lost forty pounds and hope to lose anywhere from twenty-five to forty more. Having said that, clearly my diet has changed. So has my outlook, my self-esteem, my level of energy, my clothing, and the plans I’m making. I know now I can walk for blocks and blocks and I won’t need to rest. I can stand for long periods of time. How I plan vacations and parties are changing based on my ability to wear different things and do more. I may even, at some point, wear a swimsuit in public without feeling like everyone is embarrassed for me. Already, I don’t cringe as much when I see pictures of myself. Change can be incredibly positive.

Like poorly arranged furniture, cluttered or infringing on walkways, can make a room uncomfortable, I decided my old website was feeling the same way to me. I considered trying to rearrange things, but frankly, I just needed an entirely now house, so to speak. A coat of paint wasn’t going to do it. So, here it is. New walls and arrangement and similar pieces of furniture, but in different styles. Hope you like it. So far, I do, but it’s highly likely in a few years, I’ll change things again. It’s just how I roll. Let me know what you think. Oh, and follow me if you want to get email notices when I create new posts about new books I’m working on.


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